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SmartPharma360 ™ is the one-stop cloud solution for your pharmaceutical business management.

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Why everyone loves
SmartPharma360 ™

1. Futuristic

We anticipate your business needs.


SmartPharma360 ™ is built for the pharma industry, while keeping your future needs in perspective.

2. Automated

Reducing your effort, and saving time.


Our cloud products are designed to save you time, and money, through intelligent automation using AI.

3. Simplified

Simplicity and productivity are our motto.


SmartPharma360 ™ products solve every step of the supply chain. From manufacturing to retail pharma. One software for everything.

Grow, track, and optimize your pharma business!

Cut costs, track employees, manage your entire business, and get detailed analytics to take your business to the next level.

We are from Pharma too!

SmartPharma360 ™ is a group of individuals with a collective experience of 40+ years in tech, supply chain and pharma


Manufacturing Management System.

We have spent time with pharma manufacturers to understand the interactions at that level of the supply chain. Our software products can manage everything from inventory, to logistics and even order management.

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Order placement and tracking
  • Detailed accounting with real-time reports

Distribution Management System.

Apart from a full-fledged Manufacturing Management System, we integrate tightly with distributors and their needs as well. Here, we take care of the various interactions between distributors, their customers, and vendors.

  • Sales force optimization
  • Vendor, inventory, customer, and order management
  • Detailed analytics, employee productivity optimization and more!

Retail Management System.

The last piece of the puzzle is retail management. This piece ties tightly to the distributors, and back to the manufacturers as well. We track everything so we can provide actionable insights back to the supply-chain.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Point of Sale integrations
  • Real-time demand and consumption analytics

We help pharma businesses
do their best work


Automate your processes

Intelligent automation so repetitive tasks can be taken care of by the system. We save your time.


Cloud-based monitoring

Helps business owners track, analyze and act on their business through data-drive actions, in real time.


Increased control & efficiency

Everything is in one centralized system. With complete audit mechanisms. You always know exactly what's going on.


Intelligent analytics

We use cutting edge A.I. & data science to help you understand your business at the lowest level.


Salesforce automation

Optimize your physical on-the-ground sales force through geotagging, intelligent algorithms, and more.


Order management

Never miss an opportunity to make a sale, or collect credit. Our well planned order management takes care of it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many softwares do I need to use with SmartPharma360 ™?
One. Ours. That's all. We centralize all your business interactions so you have everything in one single place.
How fast is the SmartPharma360 ™ product?
SmartPharma360 ™ works on the cloud, and is blazing fast. Whether you need data, or you want fast retail invoicing, we have it all. Best part, is it doesn't need fast internet. It can work with any regular internet connection that you have!
Can I get my distributors and retailers on the same platform?
Absolutely! The SmartPharma360 ™ series of products has everything, from the manufacturer to the retailer, to even apps for order taking. This is a one-stop platform for pharma.
Do I need powerful hardware to run the SmartPharma360 ™ cloud software?
Not at all. You just need 2GB RAM, and an operating system that can run the latest web browser. That's it. No more softwares to manage. Our support is also blazing fast since we can manage it from anywhere.
How secure is my data if it's on the cloud?
At SmartPharma360 ™, we take security very seriously. We have enterprise-grade security, and comply with some of the best security standards in the industry. We also keep ourselves updated with the best practices.
How easy is it to migrate from my current software?
We are already working with clients in this space, and we have built processes to make it extremely easy to move from your existing softwares to SmartPharma360 ™. Schedule a demo to know more.

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